About Indian Cuisine

Indians love to eat a variety of dishes in their daily life and on different occasions. Here are some popular dishes which are well known around the world.


Spicy Potato Noodles: Main ingredients of this dish are the smashed potatoes and chick pea flour. The ingredients are cooked and flavoured with the garlic, ginger, green chilies and turmeric.

Chutney Pineapple Mango: The Main ingredients of this chutney are mango and pineapple but these two fruits are mixed with fresh ginger and Chilli pepper and served separately as a side dish.

Break Fast

In India people often eat a heavy meal for breakfast relative to western standards. Here are some popular breakfast dishes.

Lassi: A great drink made from yoghurt. The yoghurt is blended with water in a specific way. In winter people love to drink sweat lassi while in summer they often prefer a salted lassi.

Tea and Coffee: Tea is more popular than coffee in India. India is one of the world's leading exporters of quality tea products in the world.

Halwa Poori. Poori is baked with semolina in oil or ghee and often eaten with Halwa. Halwa is sweet dish made from white floor, sugar, water and cooking oil.

Main Meal

Biryani: A famous India rice dish. Biryani contains a variety of spices and often includes chicken, beef, mutton, fish or vegetables.

Tandoori Chicken: Small chicken pieces are marinated with different spices for two to three hours and cooked in an oven. Tandoori Chicken is an iconic Indian dish.

Kebabs: Meat cooked with different spices like garlic, ginger, green chillies and turmeric cooked over an open fire.

Sweet Dishes

Gajar Ka Halwa: Contains milk, ghee, carrots and sugar. Different dried fruits are also added when it is fully cooked.

Kheer: a rice powder and milk dish. Powdered dried fruit is also added depending on the variety of Kheer. This dish is eaten after being chilled in the refrigerator to enhance the sweet flavors.

A few other well known Indian foods

  • Roghan Josh and Vindaloo
  • Palak Paneer
  • Dal Makhani
  • Samosa and Pakodas
  • Chole Bhature
  • Batti
  • Rajma
  • Karela Bharta
  • Aloo Gobhi
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